Hedgehog Class - Years 5 and 6

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'Party on a Plate' Christmas lunch

'Hedgehog Class were set a Science homework to make a container to keep a jacket potato warm for as long as possible. The children had to use their knowledge of insulation and reflection. We had some fantastic scientific enquiries and the results were some amazing potato warmers. Mrs Bendell judged and tested all of the containers and the finalists with the most effective warmers were: Hope, Thomas, Caitlin R, Shannaya, Lauren, Zak, Megan, Ruby M-W, Henry and Caitlin W-M.

Christmas Craft Day

Whoosh, bang, zoom ... today, 2nd October 2018, we were scientists designing water rockets and using air pressure to launch them 15-20 feet  in the air.
A huge thank you to Mrs Le Poidevin, one of our parents from St Mary's, Shaftesbury, for organising and running our Science workshops.

Hedgehog Class had fun testing their estimating skills by 'counting' coins. Some were very close!

The children made tomato soup with lots of fresh ingredients. They tasted it and wrote instructions on what they had done.

Hedgehog Class have made a super start to the year. We enjoyed a visit from the WI Ladies who were re-enacting the activities of the suffragette movement, celebrating the centenary.

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