Hedgehog Class - Year 5

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To celebrate this half term's learning about polar explorers, the children worked together to create shelters, just as Shackleton did on Elephant Island (23.10). Once they had made their shelters, they got the opportunity to enjoy some time around our campfire, toast a marshmallow and have a nice hot chocolate. 

This week, we found out about Shackletoon's journey to Elephant Island, and how they navigated using the stars. We had a go at making sextants and using compasses to get an idea of how they might have done it.

Have a look at our biographies of Robert Falcon Scott, otherwise known as Scott of the Antarctic. Hedgehog class have enjoyed finding out about the details of Scott's life and writing about them in a biography.

We have been learning about changes in materials, and in particular how things dissolve in water.We have tested how much sugar water can dissolve until it is saturated.

Hedgehog Class have been working on their painting skills. We used watercolours to create a wash, thinking about how colours could create a mood. We talked about how Ernest Shackleton would have been feeling as he set sail, then which colours would represent that mood. When the wash was dry, we added Shackleton's ship, using a variety of techniques to create the hull, sails and reflection.

Hedgehogs have been working hard on their place value, using their knowledge to complete number sequences.

Our Hedgehogs are enjoying their wonderfully spacious classroom. Lots of super learners have returned to Year 5. All are keen to get going with their work. Sept 2020

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