Ladybird Class - Years 3 and 4

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The children made string telephones and learnt how sound travels and how we hear sound because of the vibrations.

Kaydie wrote a song all about square numbers and she performed it to the class, Kaydie loves her timetables and has been sharing her love for it with the rest of the class. 

On Friday one of our children in need activities was to design our own Pudsey bear, we had lots of different designs. Finn, Cali and Logan had the winning designs and wowed us with their ideas (17.11.2020) 

The children in Ladybird Class made a fantastic effort for Children in Need, we had lots of lovely costumes. We also joined Joe Wicks for his final part of his 24 hour challenge by doing a workout with him. Well done Ladybirds :) (13.11.2020)

The children are learning about 'Sound' in science. We have been learning key words such as; amplitude, pitch and vibration. The children have used instruments to test vibrations and higher and lower sound waves. We made pan pipes and used drums to test how much the rice would move dependent on how hard we hit the drum. The children have loved doing these experiments.

Ladybird Class have worked so hard this half term, so as a treat we visited the park, the children had a great time with their friends (23.10.2020)

The children got to visit the church for the first time this year. We celebrated our first half term successes and we read a lovely story (October 2020)

This afternoon (13.10.2020) we had an excellent lesson, the children took on the roles of Shackleton's crew and we created a word bank to describe them. We also worked in groups to create freeze frames to showcase different things that the crew may do, such as; feeding the huskies, eating dinner and being lookout.

In Science Ladybird's made their own compost bin, we were learning about soil formation (October 2020).

We have started our new book 'Ice Palace' and we had a brilliant discussion about how the villagers may be feeling. Then, the children created their own freeze frames to show how the villagers may have reacted to seeing Starjik (29.09.2020).

The children have really enjoyed Computing so far this term. We have been using the programme SCRATCH they have made their sprite move by walking across the stage and dancing. They have also made their sprites tell a joke (September 2020)

This afternoon (23.09.2020) the children were learning about the fossilisation process, we had some fantastic discussions and the children made their own fossils from clay.

Last week (17.09.2020) we were learning about Number lines, we worked in pairs and drew number lines on the playground. We were counting in 10s, 100s and 1000s. Some children even did their times tables on a number line.

For our first week back we created pencil sketches of ourselves. This is Izzy's and Noah's self-portraits, the children did such a great job! :) 

The Ladybird children have been learning about Roman Numerals, yesterday (10.09.2020) we challenged each other and had to work out what Roman Numeral our partner had made.

Well done to our amazing Ladybirds ... fantastic attitude and effort. Everyone is happy to be back. Excellent effort to get in to our daily routines again.

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