Ladybird Class - Years 3 and 4


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In Science, we have been learning about states of matter.  In our investigation today, we found out at what temperature chocolate melted, and whilst we were doing that , we saw how the water evaporated and condensation collected on the bottom of the bowl.

This week, Ladybird Class have been looking at Ordnance Survey Maps of our local area.  They have been learning to read grid references and what the symbols mean.

The children have been investigating States of Matter and did an investigation into how solids turn into liquids.  We found out that ice takes quite a while to melt and plotted our results onto line graphs because it is showing continuous data.

Well done to our Ladybirds - super Science, wonderful ideas for writing and fantastic behaviour today. (1st Feb) Well done to those who reached their 150 reading sticker. Prizes for effort in class work and also for kind, helpful hands today will be awarded next week. A special thank you to Charlie, Alfie and Harriet for being extra helpful today. Well done from Mrs Shearer

In Design and Technology, the children have been working in groups to design and build their own bridges and today enjoyed the opportunity to experiment constructing with Kinex.

Ladybird class enjoyed our whole school trip to Wardour Castle this week.  We looked in and around the 14th Century castle as a link to our Science learning about rocks and Topic work about buildings.  We learnt that the castle is made from locally quarried Greensand which is a crumbly rock and not terribly weather resistant - maybe that accounts for it being a ruin!

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