Owl Class - Year 6

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To celebrate this half term's learning about polar explorers, the children worked together to create shelters, just as Shackleton did on Elephant Island (23.10). Once they had made their shelters, they got the opportunity to enjoy some time around our campfire, toast a marshmallow and have a nice hot chocolate. 

As part of our DT (21.10), the children worked in partners to recreate the 'James Caird' boat, which Shackleton and his crew used as shelter during their voyage. The children used card and art paper to build their structures.

In Maths (06.10), Owl class solved a variety of addition and subtraction questions by playing jenga! Each coloured block represented a different question type: addition, subtraction, missing numbers using the inverse and word challenges. 

Owl Class enjoyed working as a team, to set out our new awning carpets for outdoor Collective Worship. They supported each other in learning how to get them out and put them away safely. After all the hard work, they all enjoyed a much deserved break! 

In Maths, Owl Class have been reasoning about numbers to a million. They used number cards and followed a set of clues to make a variety of different numbers. They also wrote a set of their own clues to test a friend. 

In Science, we worked scientifically to investigate how adding sugar to water can change the density. We conducted an experiment to try and layer the coloured water, to create a rainbow. We found that using a straw to create the layers was the best method, although very time consuming!

Owl Class enjoyed some quiet time around the pond this afternoon (10.09). They were amazed to spot a number of fish hiding under the lily pads.  

Our Owls are really enjoying being back at school. Fabulous effort and attitude by all. Sept 2020