Staff training Art Workshops with our visiting artist, Darrell. Our focus was '3d Art...high quality top tips for getting best out of our children.' A fantastic day.

Headteacher and DSL:    

Mrs Alison Shearer

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader, DSL  & Teacher in Charge

Mrs Jenny Bendell

Key Stage 2 Phase Leader & DSL

New appointment coming for September 2018

Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Leader

Mrs Jade McGinty

SENCO (non class based)

Mrs Kerry Ewins-Strowger


Mrs Jade McGinty, Mrs Jenny Bendell, Mrs Sarah Welshman, Mrs Nicola Porter, , Mrs Allison Gosney and
Mrs Alison Shearer also teaches across the school each term.  (Also - new appointment coming in September 2018)

Learning Support Assistants: 

Mrs Michele Rozycki, Mrs Michelle Howell, Miss Paige Steninger, Ms Natalie Kay & Mrs Lindsay Crabb

Business Manager:

Mrs Jane Billington

Administration Officer:

Mrs Tracy Crosby

Lunchtime Supervisors: 

Mrs Sandra Raison
Mrs Louise Holliday
Ms Sue Rolls
Mrs Alex Brockway


Mr R Howell


Ms Sue Rolls